DIY Activities for Kids: We’ve carefully designed an experience where our sole focus is on the younger folk; ideally suited for kids from the ages of 1 to 8. Ceylon Soul believes in educating the next generation through unconventional means, and a series of activities have been formulated with this in mind. Kids are quick to absorb information and essential life-lessons when delivered in the form of entertainment. The ‘DIY Activities for Kids’ experience also gives adults an opportunity to spend some time away from their children! Our AMI-trained teachers will impart their brand of edutainment and keep your kids busy in a safe environment, while you choose from any one of the niche, alternate experiences Ceylon Soul offers. A creative experience for kids that includes a list of fun activities: painting, drawing, making custom aprons, a moke ride, and ice cream. We make learning interesting, easy and fun — just the way childhood should be!