Destination Dining: This involves a world class dining experience hosted at a number of alternative destinations and settings: a Dutch colonial house, the beachside at sundown or nighttime, an art gallery, the iconic Galle Fort, or just about any other place you can think of. Inquire in advance, and you will be astonished at what Ceylon Soul can help make possible! The environment a meal is savoured in is as important as the food itself. We take this notion a step further by curating a variety of dining experiences at select destinations. The ‘Destination Dining’ experience is ideal for your anniversary celebration, dinner party, special occasion, or for no reason at all except its authenticity.


Each ingredient is sourced through a specific, local supplier. Everything from fresh, regional produce to organic honey is secured routinely. A list of tailormade menus are prepared incorporating their use. Local fare in a ‘wallawwa’ (an aristocratic home), gourmet Italian cuisine at a high-end art gallery, or a seafood-focused barbecue on a tranquil beach-strip adjacent to the Galle Fort, Ceylon Soul has gained a name for being able to arrange absolutely anything! We also facilitate opportunities for you to dine with a number of personalities: anyone from a local politician, a family of fisherfolk, a mask artisan, to an armed forces individual from the area. The novel perspective this lends — to an already rich, cuisine-based experience — is simply incomparable.