We’ve crafted an active, immersive art-based experience around the livelihood of a local artisan named Janaka. His work is an act of cultural preservation as much as it is an artform, for it involves the ancient medium of ‘Kolam’ masks native to the coastal town of Ambalangoda. Wood sourced from the Kaduru — a tree found growing along the banks of river marshes — is transformed into masks, which are used extensively in the spiritual ceremonies, traditional plays, and religious rituals of the island. The intricate element of mask painting is important to the process. And this is what you get to experience! In his bohemian-like store within the Galle Fort, which couples as his workspace, the artisan guides you through the steps involved in producing one of these colourful pieces. A mix of natural (plant and stone powder) and modern paints are used to finish his masks. This experience is widely enjoyed by young ones and adults alike and, what’s more, you get to take your handcrafted mask with you!